William Parsons

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Blood lymphocyte numbers, essential for the development of efficient immune responses, are maintained by recirculation through secondary lymphoid organs. We show that lymphocyte trafficking is altered by the lysophospholipid sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P) and by a phosphoryl metabolite of the immunosuppressive agent FTY720. Both species were high-affinity(More)
BACKGROUND Group education for patients with suboptimally controlled diabetes has not been rigorously studied. METHODS A total of 623 adults from Minnesota and New Mexico with type 2 diabetes and glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA(1c)) concentrations of 7% or higher were randomized to (1) group education (using the US Diabetes Conversation Map program), (2)(More)
High-quality mammographic images enhance the radiologist's ability to interpret mammograms with high sensitivity for detecting abnormalities and high specificity for classifying lesions suspicious for malignancy. In addition to proper exposure, contrast, resolution, compression, and positioning, high-quality mammographic images must be accompanied by(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate mortality due to lung cancer, silicosis, renal cancer, renal disease and other causes among German porcelain production workers potentially exposed to crystalline silica. METHODS Seventeen thousand six hundred forty-four medical surveillance participants (1985-1987) were followed through 2005 for mortality. Cause-specific(More)
A time-dependent quantitative exposure assessment of silica exposure among nearly 18,000 German porcelain workers was conducted. Results will be used to evaluate exposure-response disease risks. Over 8000 historical industrial hygiene (IH) measurements with original sampling and analysis protocols from 1954-2006 were obtained from the German Berufs-(More)