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An efficient, inexpensive elutriator design for separating benthos from sediment samples
A design for an elutriator is given. The elutriator has an efficiency of 96.1 ± 3.5% in sorting mixed invertebrates from sandy sediments in five minute trial runs. It is easily constructed from PVC
The microdistribution of mayflies (Ephemeroptera) in myriophyllum beds in Pennington Creek, Johnston County, Oklahoma
There is no significant selection for position with respect to current flow in the Myriophyllum for any of the species, and food and space are always abundant, especially in the top one-half of the MyRIophyLLum.
Salinity Stresses Along a Complex River Continuum: Effects on Mayfly (Ephemeroptera) Distributions
The RCC must be modified to allow for multiple gradients if it is to be useful in the generation of ecological models in regions with high river salinity, according to Rank correlations of the dimensions from all ordinations.