William P Weber

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Fractionation of polydispersed polysiloxanes (1-2 g) into narrow molecular weight fractions has been achieved by a rapid (30-60 min) convenient process, using the Cyclograph Centrifugal Chromatography System. These narrow molecular weight poly(dimethylsiloxane) fractions can be used as secondary standards for GPC.
The effects of ionizing-radiation-induced oxide and interface traps on gate-charge measurements of power MOSFETs are discussed. Commercial and radiation hardened power DMOS devices were irradiated, and the oxide trapped charge and charge in interface traps at threshold were determined from the threshold voltage shifts. The build-up of radiation-induced(More)
A series of 9-(cycloheptatrienylidene)fluorene derivatives were synthesized in good yields through the Suzuki or Sonogashira cross-coupling reactions. Fluorescence "off-on" behaviors of these compounds were investigated on the basis of variable acid concentrations. These compounds were shown to be acid-sensing fluorophores with utility as indicators in(More)
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