William P. Murphy

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This paper concerns the treatment in a series of forty-five cases of pernicious anemia in which the patients were given a special form of diet. While the problem of diet in the treatment of pernicious anemia is by no means new, in our opinion its possible importance has not heretofore been generally recognized. In 1863, seven years after the publication of(More)
UNLABELLED This paper describes several treatment strategies that clinicians can use to address negative affective, behavioral, and cognitive reactions that school-age children who stutter may experience as part of their disorder. Specific strategies include desensitization to stuttering, cognitive restructuring, self-acceptance, purposeful self-disclosure,(More)
In 2005 Salem State College upgraded a nine year old email system to Novell's GroupWise. In addition, the College had recently implemented a One Card, web portal, and student administration systems.As we moved forward with these initiatives, we hoped to establish formal user management policies. An IT audit identified a number of problems which needed to be(More)
This article outlines basic principles for helping school-age children who stutter to deal with bullying. Bullying may affect children's school performance and feelings of self-worth and lead to depression and feelings of helplessness and loneliness. Bullying can also exacerbate stuttering behavior, increase negative emotions and negative thoughts, and(More)
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