William P. McNeill

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Separate avenues of prior work have shown that parsing language models lead to improved recognition performance, and that segmentation of speech into sentence-like units has an impact on parser performance. This paper brings these two findings together, showing that segmentation also impacts the quality of a syntax-based language model, such that larger(More)
The field service management market continues to splinter betw een vendors that offer specialty capabilities and those that deliver broader field service suites. Field service applications should have the scope to achieve five objectives: 1. Receive requests for a field service technician from the Internet, by telephone, by manual entry or through remote(More)
/ This article points out the potential of applying the world system theory to global communication and media analysis as a 'humanocentric' enterprise covering both the present and the past. It attempts to identify the world's core countries using a weighted index of a country's size of the economy (GNP) and of its exports. It applies the index to rank(More)
and have found that it is complete and satisfactory in all respects, and that any and all revisions required by the final examining committee have been made. Date: In presenting this thesis in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a master's degree at the University of Washington, I agree that the Library shall make its copies freely available for(More)
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