William P. McCartney

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Over the last several years, large-scale wireless mote networks have made possible the exploration of a new class of highly-concurrent and highly-distributed applications. As the horizon of what kinds of applications can be built on these networked embedded systems keeps expanding, there is a need to keep the <i>activity</i> of programming such systems(More)
—We present DESAL α , a realization of the Dynamic Embedded Sensor-Actuator Language for Telos-based devices. The platform provides native support for (i) rule-based programming, (ii) synchronized action scheduling, (iii) neighborhood management , and (iv) distributed state sharing. We describe the design and implementation of DESAL α , present examples(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to thank all those who gave me the opportunity to complete this thesis. I would like to first thank my advisor, Professor Nigamanth Sridhar, for all the support and encouragement. I would also like to thank the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, of which I have had the pleasure being a student the past four(More)
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