William P . L . Carter

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Data collected in the environmental chambers operated by the University of California, Riverside, have been documented and are now available for use by the scientific community for evaluating photochemical mechanisms for urban and regional airshed models. The compiled data include experiments performed in the Statewide Air Pollution Research Center (SAPRC)(More)
Direct measurements of nitrous acid (HONO) were made in downtown Los Angeles and Riverside, CA, during night and early morning hours of July/August 1980 using a long-path differential optical absorption spectrometer. Up to 8 ppb of HONO were observed in Los Angeles, approximately twice the maximum levels previously measured in Riverside during the summer of(More)
The effects of 26 individual volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on ozone formation, NO oxidation, and OH radical levels were measured by adding them to reactive organic gas (ROG) NOx air environmental chamber irradiations representing a simplified model photochemical smog system. These experiments had relatively low ROG/NOx ratios to represent conditions(More)
An updated and expanded version of the Carbon Bond mechanism (CB05) has been incorporated into the Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) modeling system to more accurately simulate wintertime, pristine, and high-altitude situations. The CB05 mechanism has nearly 2 times the number of reactions relative to the previous version of the Carbon Bond mechanism(More)
1987, 6(2), 26-32. (21) Fink, C. E.; McCoy, D. C.; Statnick, R. M. “Flue Gas Humidification with Boiler Limestone Injection for Improved ESP Performance and Increased SO2 Removal”; presented at Coal Technology ’85 Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, 1985. (22) Yoon, H.; Ring, P. A.; Burke, F. P. “Coolside SOz Abatement Technology: 1 MW Field Tests”; presented at(More)
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