William P. Clafshenkel

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The field of polymer-based membrane engineering has expanded since we first demonstrated the reaction of N-hydroxysuccinimide ester-terminated polymers with cells and tissues almost two decades ago. One remaining obstacle, especially for conjugation of polymers to cells, has been that exquisite control over polymer structure and functionality has not been(More)
Multiple platelet-rich preparations have been reported to improve wound and bone healing, such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and platelet rich fibrin (PRF). The different methods employed during their preparation are important, as they influence the quality of the product applied to a wound or surgical site. Besides the general protocol for preparing the(More)
In this study, the effects of the light/dark cycle, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and nocturnal melatonin supplementation on osteogenic markers and serum melatonin levels were examined in a blind mouse model (MMTV-Neu transgenic mice). Melatonin levels in this mouse strain (FVB/N) with retinal degeneration (rd-/-) fluctuate in a diurnal manner,(More)
Numerous studies have demonstrated that platelet-rich preparations applied to surgical sites, injuries, or wounds are a safe and effective way to promote soft tissue healing and bone growth. Various protocols have been developed for preparing platelet-rich preparations, with subtle but important differences between them. Unfortunately, only a minority of(More)
Over 500,000 bone graft or bio-implant procedures are performed annually in the United States. It has been reported that osseous autograft procurement may result in donor site complications and bio-implant allografts have been associated with disease transmission. Ceramic scaffolds are only osteoconductive, limiting their clinical use. The objective of this(More)
Morinda citrifolia (noni) is reported to have many beneficial properties, including on immune, inflammatory, quality of life, and cancer endpoints, but little is known about its ability to prevent or treat breast cancer. To test its anticancer potential, the effects of Tahitian Noni Juice (TNJ) on mammary carcinogenesis were examined in MMTV-neu transgenic(More)
A series of melatonin analogs obtained by the replacement of the ether methyl group with larger arylalkyl and aryloxyalkyl substituents was prepared in order to probe the melatonin receptors for MT(1) -selectivity. The most MT(1) -selective agents 11 and 15 were substituted with a Ph(CH(2) )(3) or a PhO(CH(2) )(3) group. Compounds 11 and 15 displayed(More)
OBJECTIVE Melatonin and progesterone levels decline during the perimenopause. Both hormones inhibit estrogen action and endometrial cancer, but little is known about how they act in combination. Therefore, the interplay of progesterone (P4) and melatonin was investigated in intact female mice. STUDY DESIGN Three P4 doses, low (25mg), mid (50mg), and high(More)
Achieving optimal bone defect repair is a clinical challenge driving intensive research in the field of bone tissue engineering. Many strategies focus on seeding graft materials with progenitor cells prior to in vivo implantation. Given the benefits of closely mimicking tissue structure and function with natural materials, the authors hypothesize that under(More)
Erythrocytes have been described as advantageous drug delivery vehicles. In order to ensure an adequate circulation half-life, erythrocytes may benefit from protective enhancements that maintain membrane integrity and neutralize oxidative damage of membrane proteins that otherwise facilitate their premature clearance from circulation. Surface modification(More)
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