William P. Anthony

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The authors present a series of 12 ears in 10 patients ranging from 18 to 72 years old with external auditory canal cholesteatomas (EACC) seen over an 8 year period. Males and females were equally involved. The left ear was involved 3 times as frequently as the right. No association with sinus or bronchial diseases was seen. Two cases were examined, 3 1/2(More)
Although glucose is regularly administered to patients after partial hepatic resection, its contribution to survival and/or liver regeneration is unclear. To examine this question fed and anesthetized rats underwent 68% or 90% hepatectomy and received either oral 20% glucose solution or tap water (controls) ad lib for 24 h. Survival was compared by life(More)
Scholars have vigorously debated the role of stakeholders since Freeman's 1984 landmark work. This article argues that an accurate assessment of relative power levels can enable stakeholders to accept their proper roles and responsibilities in planning and implementing strategy and enabling Top Management Teams to more fully integrate stakeholders' interest(More)
Two experiments measured quantities of soil Cd and Pb in wheat grain and eggs of laying hens that ingested the grain for 34 days and in liver and muscle after a 30 day withdrawal period. Soil Cd (0.6 to 2.9 ppm) induced a direct and linear accumulation in grain which ranged from 1.25 to 5.36 ppm. No response to soil Pb (4.0 to 18.7 ppm) was detected in(More)
Two experiments were conducted to measure the accumulation of acid-extractable (1N HCl) soil Cd in wheat grain and the distribution of Cd in the soil profile over 6 cropping years from initial single applications (1–3 Pmg Cd g−1 and 10.00 μg Cd g−1 soil, respectively) of soluble Cd salts incorporated into the rooting zone of an acid sandy loam soil(More)