William Oxbury

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The anticancer peptide PNC-27, which contains an HDM-2-binding domain corresponding to residues 12-26 of p53 and a transmembrane-penetrating domain, has been found to kill cancer cells (but not normal cells) by inducing membranolysis. We find that our previously determined 3D structure of the p53 residues of PNC-27 is directly superimposable on the(More)
Introduction This article is a sequel to the paper [O], where the following construction is described. On any smooth projective curve C of genus g ≥ 2, let M d (for d ∈ Z/2) denote the projective moduli space of semistable rank 2 vector bundles with fixed determinant line bundle of degree ≡ d mod 2. Then there are natural homomorphisms between vector spaces(More)
1 Introduction The Verlinde formula is a remarkable—and potentially very useful—new tool in the geometry of algebraic curves which is borrowed from conformal field theory. In the first instance it is a trigonometric expression which assigns a natural number N l (G, g) to data consisting of a semisimple algebraic group G, a nonnegative integer g and an(More)
The outer nodes are dual to three fundamental 8-dimensional representations, the standard representation V on which the group acts via the double cover Spin(8) ! SO(8), and the half-spinor representations S. These spaces are permuted by the action of S 3 , and between any two there is a Cliiord multiplication to the third. It is possible to identify all(More)
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