William Ortiz-Rivera

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Standoff infrared and Raman spectroscopy (SIRS and SRS) detection systems were designed from commercial instrumentation and successfully tested in remote detection of high explosives (HE). The SIRS system was configured by coupling a Fourier-transform infrared interferometer to a gold mirror and detector. The SRS instrument was built by fiber coupling a(More)
Raman-based standoff detection systems have the potential to characterize materials through various transparent glass and plastic containers. This allows the analysis of the content without opening the container. In the Defense and Security arena, this implies to minimize exposure of operators to potentially harmful substances and helping to speed a(More)
Organoarsenic drugs such as roxarsone and 4-arsanilic acid are poultry feed additives widely used in US broilers to prevent coccidosis and to enhance growth and pigmentation. Despite their veterinary benefits there has been growing concern about their use because over 90% of these drugs are released intact into litter, which is often sold as a fertilizing(More)
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