William O. Dwyer

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A treatment package consisting of a bed-time restriction strategy and education was administered to 50 insomniacs and 50 noninsomniacs 60 years or older. Half of the insomniacs and noninsomniacs received treatment through a self-help video only, whereas the remaining treated participants received therapist guidance to supplement the video. A waiting-list(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess three of the better known screeners for Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and review the relationship between ADHD and cognitive ability. METHOD The three ADHD screeners were administered to 111 college students enrolled in a college Introductory Psychology class, on whom ACT scores and total course performance were also(More)
OBJECTIVE The present study examines the relationship between self-reported levels of ADHD and academic outcomes, as well as aptitude. METHOD A total of 523 college students took the Adult Self-Report Scale-Version 1.1 (ASRS-V1.1), and their scores were compared with course performance and ACT (American College Test) composite scores. RESULTS The(More)
This study assessed the validity of the laser refraction technique for determining the refractive status of a given meridian of the eye. A subjective-to-BVA finding was taken on a total of 75 eyes, and the laser technique was then used to refract each of the 2 principal meridians that had been located by the subjective procedure. Correlations between laser(More)
Two observers performed simple reaction-time responses to peripheral stimuli of varying intensity (-2.5 to +1.0 log td) and angular subtense (10 to 210 min). The area-intensity combinations that produced each of three scotopic reaction-time criteria were calculated. Analysis of these combinations showed that the area-intensity reciprocity could not be(More)
INTRODUCTION With many thousands of deaths still annually attributable to driving under the influence (DUI), it remains imperative that we continually address the problem of producing and sustaining effective countermeasures, and that we subject these efforts to empirical scrutiny. This article presents relevant findings from state-wide datasets. RESULTS(More)