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Release rate constants and disappearance rate constants were determined for three atrial natriuretic peptides consisting of amino acids 1-98 (i.e., proANF 1-98), the midportion of the ANF prohormone consisting of amino acids 31-67 (i.e., proANF 31-67) and amino acids 99-126 (i.e., ANF) after right ventricular pacing at 100, 125, 150, and 180 bpm in six male(More)
Paraplegia after endovascular therapy for aortic and visceral artery occlusive disease is an extremely uncommon occurrence. Two cases of paraplegia after placement of an aortic covered stent for infrarenal aortic stenosis and a superior mesenteric artery stent for chronic visceral ischemia are presented. In both patients, embolization of the arterial supply(More)
The progression of coronary artery stenosis to total occlusion was assessed in 413 hyperlipidemic patients with a previous myocardial infarction. Coronary angiograms were recorded at baseline, 3 (n = 312), and 5 years (n = 248) after initial study and analyzed by 2 independent readers. There were 177 (43%) patients with 1-, 130 (31%) with 2-, and 61 (15%)(More)
BACKGROUND Goal of this in vivo prospective, randomized, controlled, double-blinded, cross over study was to compare the level of plaque control and gingivitis after use of a novel dental gel (test) vs. A Triclosan/copolymer dentifrice (control). METHODS After coronal polishing, 22 subjects with moderate gingivitis were randomly assigned to brush twice(More)
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