William Neil Duggar

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Purpose/Objective(s): Stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) is an effective treatment for patients with early-stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) who are not surgical candidates or who refuse surgical management. In this study, we report on our clinical outcomes and toxicity in the treatment of early-stage NSCLC with SBRT. METHODS AND MATERIALS(More)
PURPOSE To validate the two new patient QA methods on ScandiDos Delta4 system: (1) Phantom 3D dose calculation (2) Anatomy DVH evaluation, compared with conventional gamma analysis criteria. METHODS Phantom 3D dose calculation and anatomy DVHs evaluation have the capability to perform gamma analysis on critical organ contours and calculate DVHs from(More)
PURPOSE Four-dimensional cone-beam CT (4D-CBCT) is a novel imaging technique to setup patients with pulmonary lesions in radiation therapy. This paper is to perform a feasibility study on the implementation of 4D-CBCT as image guidance for (1) SBRT and (2) Low Modulation (Low-Mod) IMRT in lung cancer treatment. METHODS Image artifacts and observers(More)
This study is to demonstrate the importance and a method of properly modeling the treatment couch for dose calculation in patient treatment using arc therapy. The 2 treatment couch tops-Aktina AK550 and Elekta iBEAM evo-of Elekta LINACs were scanned using Philips Brilliance Big Bore CT Simulator. Various parts of the couch tops were contoured, and their(More)
PURPOSE Cranio-spinal irradiation is the most complicated format of the conventional external beam radiation therapy because it involves matches of non-coplanar beams which are susceptible to daily setup errors. This study explores the efficacy of Gafchromic film dosimetry to quantitatively verify the junctions for cranio-spinal radiation feathered with(More)
PURPOSE With evolution from frame-based to image-guided SRS/SRT technique, the coincidence of multiple isocenters must be within a tight tolerance: MV, kV, table mechanical, and, in this case, HexaPOD 6° patient positioning system. Reported here is a method for improving the effectiveness of an isocenter alignment procedure which ultimately led to isocenter(More)
PURPOSE To demonstrate the importance of properly modeling the treatment couch to dose calculation in patient treatment using arc therapy. METHODS Two treatment couch tops (Aktina AK550 and Elekta iBeam evo) of Elekta LINACs were scanned using a CT simulator. Various parts of the couch tops were contoured and their densities were measured and recorded by(More)
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