William Needham

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Complex visual hallucinations are known to occur in individuals with impaired vision yet whose emotional and intellectual functions are within the normal range. These hallucinations, which were first reported by Charles Bonnet in 1760, have been described in many case studies, but have not been analyzed empirically to determine their major properties. In(More)
We examined the extent to which individual differences contribute to performance in a task considered to index implicit learning, the Hebb Digits task. Although Hebb Digits learning is considered to be equivalent for those with implicit and explicit knowledge of the repeating digit pattern, this study found that participants who developed explicit knowledge(More)
In this article, the authors review the literature on the Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS), a condition involving visual hallucinations in normal persons with severe sight loss. Attempts to assess the characteristics of this "phantom vision" have resulted in descriptions of a "typical" CBS hallucination. However, the many exceptions to a modal CBS experience(More)
The Mini-Mult and MMPI were administered in random order to 60 blind male veterans admitted to a residential rehabilitation program. Mini-Mult scores predicted the presence or absence of MMPI pathology in 81.7% of the cases. Correlations between the individual Mini-Mult and MMPI scales were significant at the p less than .01 level, but not of sufficient(More)
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