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We present a framework that will enable scalable analysis and design of graceful degradation in distributed embedded systems. We define graceful degradation in terms of utility. A system that gracefully degrades suffers a proportional loss of system utility as individual software and hardware components fail. However, explicitly designing a system to(More)
INTRODUCTION Long-term trends in aircraft crash rates are of interest to researchers in aerospace medicine, the acquisition community, the aircraft industry, and the flying public. METHODS Data were obtained from the USAF Safety Center database for all major accidents (Class A Mishaps) and for annual flight hours for fiscal years 1950 through 2006.(More)
Distributed systems provide increased flexibility, but they're also more vulnerable to failure. The goal of Carnegie Mellon's RoSES project is, "System, heal thyself." As embedded systems become more distributed they provide more flexibility, the potential for greater functionality, and, unfortunately, more pieces to break. But what if there were a way to(More)
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