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– The method of discrete ordinates is commonly used to solve the Boltzmann transport equation. The solution in each ordinate direction is most efficiently computed by sweeping the radiation flux across the computational grid. For unstructured grids this poses many challenges, particularly when implemented on distributed-memory parallel machines where the(More)
Diazeniumdiolates, more commonly referred to as NONOates, have been extremely useful in the investigation of the biological effects of nitric oxide (NO) and related nitrogen oxides. The NONOate Angeli's salt (Na(2)N(2)O(3)) releases nitroxyl (HNO) under physiological conditions and exhibits unique cardiovascular features (i.e., positive inotropy/lusitropy)(More)
BlueGene/L (BG/L), developed through a partnership between IBM and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), is currently the world's largest system both in terms of scale, with 131,072 processors, and absolute performance , with a peak rate of 367 Tflop/s. BG/L has led the last four Top500 lists with a Linpack rate of 280.6 Tflop/s for the full(More)
Patients with missing or malformed maxillary lateral incisors can be successfully treated by either replacing or restoring the lateral incisor, or by positioning and reshaping the canine to simulate the lateral incisor. Identical twins were treated, one by restoring "peg laterals" to normal contours and the other by repositioning and recontouring the(More)
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