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Angiogenesis is an essential component of skeletal development and VEGF signaling plays an important if not pivotal role in this process. Previous attempts to examine the roles of VEGF in vivo have been largely unsuccessful because deletion of even one VEGF allele leads to embryonic lethality before skeletal development is initiated. The availability of(More)
We consider an initial-boundary value problem for ∂tu − ∂ −α t ∇ 2 u = f (t), that is, for a fractional diffusion (−1 < α < 0) or wave (0 < α < 1) equation. A numerical solution is found by applying a piecewise-linear, discontinuous Galerkin (DG) method in time combined with a piecewise-linear, conforming finite element method in space. The time mesh is(More)
A study was designed to compare the systemic absorption of metronidazole by the oral and vaginal routes. Nine subjects received single 500-mg doses of the oral, vaginal insert, and vaginal cream preparations on three occasions. Approximately 20% bioavailability was demonstrated from both vaginal forms. Mean peak plasma concentrations were 15.56(More)
We employ a piecewise-constant, discontinuous Galerkin method for the time discretization of a sub-diffusion equation. Denoting the maximum time step by k, we prove an a priori error bound of order k under realistic assumptions on the regularity of the solution. We also show that a spatial dis-cretization using continuous, piecewise-linear finite elements(More)
In this paper we obtain upper and lower bounds on the spectrum of the stiffness matrix arising from a finite element Galerkin approximation (using nodal basis functions) of a bounded, symmetric bilinear form which is elliptic on a Sobolev space of real index m ∈ [−1, 1]. The key point is that the finite element mesh is required to be neither quasiuniform(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether a new discharge prescription form which integrates admission medications, in-hospital changes, and discharge medications could enhance the accuracy of information in patient profiles in community pharmacies after hospital discharge. DESIGN Nonrandomized, prospective, multi-site study. SETTINGS Internal medicine wards of(More)