William McIver

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We used standardized transect techniques to count Marbled Murrelets and other seabird species at sea from a boat and from a low-flying light aircraft along the length of the Oregon coast. The focus of effort was on vessel surveys of the central Oregon coast. In both years, Marbled Murrelets were most abundant in central Oregon, between Cascade Head and Cape(More)
Community informatics is an emerging, interdisciplinary field concerned with the development, deployment and management of information systems designed with and by communities to solve their own problems. From academic and policy-making perspectives, community informatics is now concerned with developing a coherent theory and methodology drawn from a now(More)
Inoculation of 107 Krebs-2 ascitic cells into a subcutaneous cavity of the scalp (EScavity) induced by injection of cottonseed oil (1.0 ml.) repeatedly resulted, after absorption or withdrawal of the bulk of oil, in formation of a cavitary wall consisting of fascia and other connective tissue elements, tumor cells, and their implants. Exudation of abundant(More)
This case study demonstrates the following: close proximity of lipoma to underlined skin can compromise circulation; the size of the lipoma and the resulting redundant skin after the incision can lead to fluid development and impede the healing process; and a patient who is noncompliant and stands or walks excessively after the excision of a lipoma can(More)
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