William McGenn

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Solid state power amplifiers are ordinarily fitted with an isolator at the output port to protect the transistors from large variations in the load impedance. Using GaN transistor technology should allow safe transistor operation to higher field levels and also to higher channel temperatures, which may remove the necessity for the isolator component(More)
This paper reports on the development of an RF IV waveform based stress test procedure. DC and low-voltage RF characterisation was carried out before and after high power RF stress. RF waveform measurements showed that the exact change in the RF load line induced during RF degradation cannot be directly inferred from the DC or low power RF measurement. The(More)
Solid state amplifiers are often fitted with an isolator component on the output to protect them from impedance mismatch. GaN based HFET's could offer the potential to remove the isolator due to their high breakdown voltages and high channel temperature operation. However the absence of an isolator would mean that the transistor would have to be able to(More)
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