William McDowall

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OBJECTIVES Material safety data sheets (MSDSs) are used in workplaces to communicate to workers the hazards of chemical products. This article describes a review of the peer-reviewed scientific literature regarding the accuracy, comprehensibility and use of MSDSs in the workplace. METHODS Articles were retrieved via a systematic search of indexes and(More)
This paper takes an innovation system approach to analysing the development of wind energy in three jurisdictions: the EU, USA and China. The paper builds on and extends previous innovation system studies on wind in two ways. First, it focuses on the interactions over time between policy and innovation system dynamics, in order to highlight lessons for(More)
This paper reports an innovative foresighting study which aimed to construct a small number of credible hydrogen futures and pathways to them, in order to inform the prospective transition to a sustainable hydrogen economy. Combining backcasting and multi-criteria appraisal the authors developed a novel participatory expert stakeholder-led methodology to(More)
Prostate cancer is a dose responsive neoplasm i.e. the higher the dose of radiation administered, the more likely it is to attain local tumour control. However, high doses without careful conformal treatment planning leads to increased complication rates. This study aims to determine the ideal dosimetric and clinically relevant 3D conformal radiation(More)
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