William Majurski

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The VA has developed an integrated infrastructure to support the exchange of medical data, including images and text report data, between medical centers. This capability is expected to support teleconsulting and meet a variety of existing medical staffing and consultation needs. Consultation from distant locations requires at least the same complete(More)
We apply a model checker to the problem of test generation using a new application of mutation analysis. We deene syntactic operators, each of which produces a slight variation on a given model. The operators deene a form of mutation analysis at the level of the model checker speciication. A model checker generates counterexamples which distinguish the(More)
The DHCP Integrated Imaging System provides users with integrated patient data including text, image and graphics data. This system has been transferred from its original two screen DOS-based MUMPS platform to an X window workstation and a Microsoft Windows-based workstation. There are differences between these various platforms that impact on software(More)
Many pervasive computing software technologies are targeted for 32-bit desktop platforms. However, there are innumerable 8, 16, and 32-bit microcontroller and microprocessor-based embedded systems that do not support the resource requirements of these technologies. We describe ongoing research that explores the feasibility of creating a portable(More)
■ In recent years, the National Information Infrastructure(Nil) has come to be seen as a foundation for modern communications, yet our understanding of the specific services, technologies, and standards that must be in place to make the Nll a realltv is insufficient. This article is Intandadto fill the gap by proposing an Nll Services Model, which provides(More)
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