William Maher

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  • Martin Hoesli, Kustrim Reka, Anjeza Kadilli, Jongsub Lee, David Ling, William Maher +2 others
  • 2013
The recent crisis has demonstrated the close linkages between various asset classes within a country as well as the association between assets internationally. The aim of this research is to provide for a better understanding of some of these linkages by conducting an empirical investigation of the channels underlying the risk of contagion between real(More)
Acid-sulfide hot springs are analogs of early Earth geothermal systems where microbial metal(loid) resistance likely first evolved. Arsenic is a metalloid enriched in the acid-sulfide hot spring Champagne Pool (Waiotapu, New Zealand). Arsenic speciation in Champagne Pool follows reaction paths not yet fully understood with respect to biotic contributions(More)
Reconstruction of nutrient concentrations in the deep Southern Ocean has produced conflicting results. The cadmium/calcium (Cd/Ca) data set suggests little change in nutrient concentrations during the last glacial period, whereas the carbon isotope data set suggests that nutrient concentrations were higher. We determined the silicon isotope composition of(More)
To investigate the release and degradation of arsenoribosides associated with the brown alga Ecklonia radiata, tissues were collected in various marine micro-habitats (water column, sand intertidal, and rock platform intertidal) to establish the importance of decomposition stage and the micro-habitat in which decomposition occurs on arsenoriboside(More)
To assess whether bacteria influence the biogeochemical cycling of arsenic by laboratory cultures of the marine phytoplankton Dunaliella tertiolecta, the arsenic species produced by D. tertiolecta were compared in “operationally sterile” and bacteria spiked cultures. It was observed that glycerol (Gly-) arsenoriboside (41–78 %), phosphate (PO4−)(More)
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