William Madden

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Hypogonadism, which is highly prevalent in men with sickle cell disease (SCD), affects quality of life and causes great morbidity. The safety of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) in SCD in relation to priapism episodes is relatively unknown. Our aim was to monitor the safety of TRT in a cohort of seven hypogonadal men with SCD. Testosterone undecanoate(More)
Although trained first as pediatricians, neonatologists are not typically viewed as primary care physicians. However, given their particular training and expertise, patient population, and interaction with families as the newborn's first physician in many settings, neonatologists may rightly be viewed as the most appropriate primary care physician for(More)
Doctors performing brain surgery by flashlight during a blackout necessitated by a Japanese air raid. The austerity of the surroundings is evident in the lack of medical equipment and supplies. Just as the wounded soldier moves along a pathway from injury, to triage, to care, to recovery, military physicians need to travel along their own pathway of(More)
Beginning programming students have access to sophisticated development tools that enable them to write syntactically correct code in a straightforward manner. However, code that compiles and runs can still execute poorly, or with unintended results. We present a tool, based on an open­source parser­generation product written in Java, that performs semantic(More)
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