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Passivity and passification for net-worked control systems, " SIAM J. Robust energy-to-peak filter design for stochastic time-delay systems, " Syst. Fault detection and diagnosis for general sto-chastic systems using B-spline expansions and nonlinear filters, " IEEE Trans. of stochastic non-linear differential systems via a carleman approximation approach,(More)
—The control of systems with uncertain nonlinear dynamics has been a decades-long mainstream area of focus. The general trend for previous control strategies developed for uncertain nonlinear systems is that the more unstructured the system uncertainty, the more control effort (i.e., high gain or high-frequency feedback) is required to cope with the(More)
An asymptotic tracking controller is designed in this paper, which combines Model Reference Adaptive Control (MRAC) and Dynamic Inversion (DI) methodologies in conjuction with the robust integral of the signum of the error (RISE) technique for output tracking of an aircraft system in the presence of parametric uncertainty and unknown, nonlinear(More)
2 This work is dedicated to my parents, whose confidence in me never waivers. 3 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to express sincere gratitude to my advisor, Dr. Warren E. Dixon, whose experience and motivation were instrumental in my recent academic success. As an advisor, he provided guidance in my research and encouragement in developing my own ideas. As a(More)
A survey of extreme point results for robustness of control systems, " Positive polynomials and robust stabilization with fixed-order controllers, " IEEE Trans. Automat. Root location of an entire polytope of polynomials: It suffices to check the edges, " Abstract—In this technical note, a robust adaptive uncalibrated visual servo controller is proposed to(More)
—Two asymptotic tracking controllers are designed in this paper, which combine model reference adaptive control and dynamic inversion methodologies in conjunction with the robust integral of the signum of the error (RISE) technique for output tracking of an aircraft system in the presence of para-metric uncertainty and unknown, nonlinear disturbances, which(More)
In a typical adaptive update law, the rate of adaptation is generally a function of the state feedback error. Ideally, the adaptive update law would also include some feedback of the parameter estimation error. The desire to include some measurable form of the parameter estimation error in the adaptation law resulted in the development of composite adaptive(More)
—An output feedback (OFB) dynamic inversion control strategy is developed for an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that achieves global asymptotic tracking of a reference model. The UAV is modeled as an uncertain linear time-invariant (LTI) system with an additive bounded nonvanishing nonlinear disturbance. A continuous tracking controller is designed to(More)