William M Widdowson

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CONTEXT/OBJECTIVES GH replacement in GH-deficient adults exerts clear effects on body composition, but there is a lack of high-quality evidence concerning its functional effects, which are more clinically important. This metaanalysis was carried out to determine the effects of GH replacement on exercise performance. DESIGN/METHODS A Medline search and(More)
The growth hormone (GH)/ insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) axis exerts short-and long-term metabolic effects that are potentially important during exercise. Exercise is a potent stimulus to GH release and there is some evidence that the acute increase in GH is important in regulating substrate metabolism post-exercise. Regular exercise also increases(More)
CONTEXT/OBJECTIVES GH replacement increases muscle mass and reduces body fat in growth hormone deficiency (GHD) adults. A recent meta-analysis has demonstrated that this improvement in body composition is associated with improved exercise performance. The current meta-analysis was carried out to determine whether high-quality evidence exists to support a(More)
BACKGROUND Overt hypothyroidism (OH) is associated with abnormal lipid metabolism and endothelial dysfunction under fasting conditions. The balance of evidence suggests similar but less marked abnormalities in subclinical hypothyroidism (SCH). There are few data regarding the metabolic and vascular effects of OH or SCH under postprandial conditions. (More)
Context Intestinal cholesterol metabolism is important in influencing postprandial lipoprotein concentrations, and might be important in the development of vascular disease. Objective This study evaluated associations between expression of intestinal cholesterol metabolism genes, postprandial lipid metabolism, and endothelial function/early vascular(More)
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