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ver the past five years, our group has developed the Eli' system to reduce the cost of producing compilers. Eli has been used to construct complete compilers for standard programming languages extensions to standard programming languages, and special-purpose languages. For the remainder of this article, we will use the term compiler when referring to(More)
A method for returning registers to the free list is an essential part of any list processing system. In this paper, past solutions of the recovery problem are reviewed and compared. A new algorithm is presented which offers significant advantages of speed and storage utilization. The routine for implementing this algorithm can be written in the list(More)
Our industrial advisory boards tell us that our students are well prepared technically, but they lack important group work skills. Simply adding project courses and requiring that assignments be done in groups has not improved the situation. A careful study of student culture in Computer Science has uncovered barriers to collaboration, which can be overcome(More)
An attribute grammar is a declarative specification of dependence among computations carried out at the nodes of a tree. Attribute grammars have proven remarkably difficult to decompose into logical fragments. As a result, they have not yet been accepted as a viable specification technique. By combining the ideas of remote attribute access and inheritance,(More)
STAGE2 is the second level of a bootstrap sequence which is easily implemented on any computer. It is a flexible, powerful macro processor designed specifically as a tool for constructing machine-independent software. In this paper the features provided by STAGE2 are summarized, and the implementation techniques which have made it possible to have STAGE2(More)