William M. Southerland

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Residue interaction networks and loop motions are important for catalysis in dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR). Here, we investigate the effects of ligand binding and chain connectivity on network communication in DHFR. We carry out systematic network analysis and molecular dynamics simulations of the native DHFR and 19 of its circularly permuted variants by(More)
In recent years, virtual database screening using high-throughput docking (HTD) has emerged as a very important tool and a well-established method for finding new lead compounds in the drug discovery process. With the advent of powerful personal computers (PCs), it is now plausible to perform HTD investigations on these inexpensive PCs. To make HTD more(More)
A contact map is a key factor representing a specific protein structure. To simplify the protein contact map prediction, we predict the inter-residue contact clusters centred at the groups of their surrounding inter-residue contacts. In this paper, we adopt a Support Vector Machine (SVM)-based approach to predict the inter-residue contact cluster centres.(More)
Post-Translational Modifications (PTMs) play most important roles in the accomplishment of biological processes and molecular functions. It is challenging to identify two PTMs for a tandem mass spectrum. In this paper, we proposed a new algorithm to detect two PTMs with unknown types. First, we constructed a Pair of Peak Set (PPS) which is composed of pairs(More)