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Parallel to Frankl's theory of the search for meaning, which posits the separateness but intertwining of the psychological and existential realms, the Purpose In Life Test (PIL) has been found to have a low to moderate relationship with most conceptually related psychological measures. Extending separate correlational studies of the PIL with depression and(More)
The adaptive demands of a physicians' residency program include relocation to another area, mastery of a new organizational system, and a new level of role responsibility, in addition to education and patient care activities. This study examined the prevalence of significant psychiatric symptoms in medical, surgical, and pediatric interns for three(More)
A cold-based, debris-covered alpine glacier in Mullins Valley, a tributary to upper Beacon Valley, contains ancient glacier ice. Four independent dating techniques confirm that the glacier age ranges from ~10 ka near the valley head, to >8 Ma at its diffuse terminus in central Beacon Valley (where it abuts opposing buried ice that originated from Taylor(More)
In an investigation of the underlying unity of the articulation of human figure drawings and personal construct complexity, moderate correlations were found, but in opposite directions, for inpatient and non-patient groups. For inpatients, greater construct complexity was associated with less sophisticated drawings. For non-patients, greater construct(More)