William M Phillips

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The laser Doppler system has been established as a useful tool for eliciting the properties of simulated cardiovascular flows, and thus for comparative studies of flow properties of prosthetic valves. Significant differences among valve types and between models of one type have been documented. The complex variations of velocity profiles with time show that(More)
Erythrocytes were suspended in dextran solutions of phosphate buffered saline with solution osmolarities from 400 to 20 mosM/kg. The dilute suspensions were subjected to linear shear and their deformation determined by laser diffractometry (Ektacytometer). Cell volumes were measured using a Coulter counter following fixation in glutaraldehyde to eliminate(More)
Retrospective analysis of 14 patients undergoing circulatory support for postcardiotomy cardiogenic shock during the past 3 yrs has demonstrated the ability of the profoundly depressed myocardium to recover. Four patients were totally weaned from circulatory support and 2 are long-term survivors. Our results suggest that improved survival is dependent on(More)
The laser Doppler technique was employed to obtain intraventricular velocity distributions on the basis of in vivo confirmation of previous in vitro flow visualization predictions. The quasi-steady assumption required for quantification of flow visualization results is unsatisfactory in regions of high acceleration and fluctuating velocities are unavailable(More)
The adaptive demands of a physicians' residency program include relocation to another area, mastery of a new organizational system, and a new level of role responsibility, in addition to education and patient care activities. This study examined the prevalence of significant psychiatric symptoms in medical, surgical, and pediatric interns for three(More)
These data presented here demonstrate how careful analysis of mock loop testing can lead to useful measurements for long-term calf experiments. The accuracy of the data rae primarily dependent upon a valid circulatory system analog and good experimental technique. These methods of determining arterial pressure, left atrial pressure and cardiac output have(More)
A multidiscipline group was established at The Pennsylvania State University to design and evaluate mechanical circulatory assist devices and the artificial heart. The group has designed a left ventricular to aortic assist system which consists of a sac-type pump, a synchronization unit, a pneumatic power unit, and appropriate monitoring apparatus. The(More)