William M. Mongan

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REportal is an existing web-based reverse engineering portal web site that provides access to a suite of reverse engineering and program comprehension tools via a web browser. This abstraction was intended to allow ease of system maintenance by adding and upgrading tools without involving the end user. However, the software tools and server technologies(More)
The current state of the art in agent technology sees that several implementations of agent frameworks exist. However, there is little agreement on the terms and concepts used to describe such systems, which is a significant barrier towards adoption of these technologies by industry, military and commercial entities. A clear definition of terms and concepts(More)
The slow adoption of agent-oriented methodologies as a paradigm for developing industry systems is due in part to their lack of integration and general-purpose use. There exists a need to define common patterns, relationships between components, and structural qualities that a reference architecture for agent-based systems would solve. However, there is(More)
Educating STEM students in the techniques of massively parallel computing anticipates a growing current and future need for scientists, engineers, and analysts who are facile with Big Data. Using very low cost hardware (Raspberry Pi) and free software (Hadoop) we are exposing students to distributed computing while limiting expense. We anticipate that(More)
This session invites educators interested in sharing and/or learning about experiences with tools for automatic feedback on technical work: the "if", "why" and "how". This includes experiences with program testing, problem-solving exercises, or quizzes, generated or checked with engines with expert-level technical capabilities, to scale up feedback to cope(More)
We describe our experience in teaching an integrated module in networks, mathematics, and cryptography, suitable for high school students. The objective is to design a lesson with minimal prerequisite background and a varying degree of programming experience, with an aim towards exciting students early on about computing. Students create and implement a(More)
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