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On the development of perceptual strategies in children: a case study on the Japanese child's comprehension of the relative clause constructions. The conjoincd-clause analysis of relative clauses and other structures. In H. Le choix d'une description de la complexit6 des phrases en termes de relations grammaticaks ou en termes des proprietbs(More)
The role of African savannahs in the evolution of early hominins has been debated for nearly a century. Resolution of this issue has been hindered by difficulty in quantifying the fraction of woody cover in the fossil record. Here we show that the fraction of woody cover in tropical ecosystems can be quantified using stable carbon isotopes in soils.(More)
OBJECTIVE Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) uses a medical device that applies magnetic pulses noninvasively to the cortex of the brain to depolarize neurons. We tested its safety and efficacy in young persons with a diagnosis of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). METHODS Transcranial magnetic stimulation was applied to the right(More)
This article describes a new organization, the International Society of Ecological Psychology, and summarizes presentations from a May 1982 meeting. This organization primarily consists of experimental psychologists who study perceiving and acting (each broadly construed) with reference to one another and to the environment in which these activities have(More)
Serial probe recognition performance by a rhesus monkey and a human with 10-and 20-item lists. The "superstition" experiment: A re-examination of its implications for the principles of adaptive behavior. Ecology and evolution of food-storage behavior in conifer-seed-caching corvids. Zeitshrift fur Tierpsychotogie, 56. 217-242 ilkie, D. M. (1983). Pigeons'(More)
iii Contents Scientific Committee ii Acknowledgments iv Daily Program 1 Symposium Abstracts 10 Dual affordances, effectivities, and their further theoretical implications 11 Smart perceptual instruments and perception of affordances 16 Ecological principles in design 21 Information and the prospective control of lateral interception: A new perspective 25(More)
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