William M Lane

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BACKGROUND Performance of prehospital ECGs expedites identification of ST-elevation myocardial infarction and reduces door-to-balloon times for patients receiving reperfusion therapy. To fully realize this benefit, emergency medical service performance must be measured and used in feedback reporting and quality improvement. METHODS AND RESULTS This(More)
We present a new wide-field map of the radio galaxy 3C 129 and its companion galaxy 3C 129.1 at λ = 90 cm. We see a distinct steep-spectrum feature near the head of 3C 129, extending in a direction perpendicular to the radio tails. We propose that this Crosspiece might consist of fossil radio plasma, which has been re-energized by the compression of the bow(More)
As part of a larger program to identify low redshift radio analogues of the damped Lyman−α (DLA) absorbers seen in the spectra of high redshift quasars, Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT) observations have discovered two new HI 21cm absorption lines at z = 0.394 and z = 0.437 in the spectra of the radio sources B 0248+430 and B 1243-072(More)
We present a detailed study of the H i 21cm absorption system at z = 0.0912 towards the radio quasar B0738+313. The uncommonly narrow main absorption line and weak secondary line are resolved for the first time and have FWHM velocities of ∆v1 = 3.7 and ∆v2 = 2.2 km s −1 (main and secondary component respectively). In addition we find it necessary to add a(More)
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