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Recent climatic changes have enhanced plant growth in northern mid-latitudes and high latitudes. However, a comprehensive analysis of the impact of global climatic changes on vegetation productivity has not before been expressed in the context of variable limiting factors to plant growth. We present a global investigation of vegetation responses to climatic(More)
The generation of meteorological surfaces from point-source data is a difficult but necessary step required for modeling ecological and hydrological processes across landscapes. To date, procedures to acquire, transform, and display meteorological information geographically have been specifically tailored to individual studies. Here we offer a flexible,(More)
[1] We examined the response of terrestrial carbon fluxes to climate variability induced by the El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO). We estimated global net primary production (NPP) from 1982 to 1999 using a light use efficiency model driven by satellite-derived canopy parameters from the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer and climate data from the(More)
The genogram is presented as a technique to record both genetic and interpersonal family-household data. Working with model patients, and using standard instructions and symbols, family medicine residents elicited and recorded an average of 83 percent of available information items during interviews that lasted an average of 16 minutes. Interpretation of(More)
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