William M. J. Green

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Silicon p(+)-i-n(+) diode Mach-Zehnder electrooptic modulators having an ultra-compact length of 100 to 200 mum are presented. These devices exhibit high modulation efficiency, with a V(pi)L figure of merit of 0.36 V-mm. Optical modulation at data rates up to 10 Gb/s is demonstrated with low RF power consumption of only 5 pJ/bit.
We determine group index and group velocity dispersion (GVD) of SOI single-mode strip waveguides (photonic wires) with 525x226nm cross-section over the entire telecommunication bandwidth by employing an integrated Mach-Zehnder interferometer. The measured GVD yields 4400 ps/(nm*km) at 1550 nm and exceeds that of standard single-mode fibers by almost three(More)
An investigation of signal integrity in silicon photonic nanowire waveguides is performed for wavelength-divisionmultiplexed optical signals. First, we demonstrate the feasibility of ultrahigh-bandwidth integrated photonic networks by transmitting a 1.28-Tb/s data stream (32 wavelengths 40-Gb/s) through a 5-cm-long silicon wire. Next, the crosstalk induced(More)
We demonstrate optical modulation rates exceeding the conventional cavity linewidth limit using a silicon coupling modulated microring. Small-signal measurements show coupling modulation was free of the parasitic cavity linewidth limitations at rates at least 6× the cavity linewidth. Eye diagram measurements show coupling modulation achieved data rates > 2×(More)
Major ion, nutrient, transition metal, and cadmium concentrations are presented for nine meltwater streams flowing into Lake Fryxell, a permanently stratified lake with an anoxic hypolimnion in Taylor Valley, Antarctica. For the major ions, stream compositions are considered in terms of dissolution of marine-derived salts and chemical weathering of local(More)
We present 1-to-8 wavelength (de-)multiplexer devices based on a binary tree of cascaded Mach-Zehnder-like lattice filters, and manufactured using a 90 nm CMOS-integrated silicon photonics technology. We demonstrate that these devices combine a flat pass-band over more than 50% of the channel spacing with low insertion loss of less than 1.6 dB, and have a(More)
Mn, Fe, Cu, and Cd concentrations are reported for Lake Vanda, a closed-basin, meromictic, Antarctic lake and for its single major inflow, the Onyx River. Trace metal distributions in the upper lake and annual metal fluxes from the Onyx River were used to estimate chemical residence times in the mixed zone above the chemocline. Residence times, based on(More)
The lamellar/inverted hexagonal (L alpha/HII) phase transition can be very fast, despite the drastic change in the topology of the lipid/water interfaces. The first structures to form in this transition may be similar to those that mediate membrane fusion in many lipid systems. To study the transition mechanism and other dynamic phenomena in membrane(More)
An InGaAsP-InP optical switch geometry based on electrical control of waveguide-resonator coupling is demonstrated. Thermooptic tuning of a Mach-Zehnder interferometer integrated with a racetrack resonator is shown to result in switching with ON-OFF contrast up to 18.5 dB. The optical characteristics of this unique design enable a substantial reduction of(More)