William M. Hart

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PURPOSE To determine the effects of stimulus eccentricity and luminance level on the reaction time (RT) of young normal volunteers during automated kinetic campimetry. METHODS We used a specially designed video-campimetric device equipped with a continuous infrared (IR) pupillographic fixation control (Tübingen Computer Campimeter) and recorded reaction(More)
To evaluate pathogenetic mechanisms and frequency distribution of visual field defects (VFDs) in patients with chiasmal lesions. Secondly, to reconsider the existence of “Wilbrand’s knee” as far as referable to the anterior junction syndrome. Consecutive visual field records related to chiasmal lesions were retrieved from the Tuebingen Perimetric Database.(More)
Several lines of evidence suggest that the large optic nerve fibers, which form the magnocellular retinocortical pathway, are preferentially susceptible to early glaucomatous damage. It is evident from studies of the functional architecture of the visual system that the magnocellular pathway underlies the global perception of motion. Therefore, we have(More)
PURPOSE To describe the clinical features of five patients who developed nonarteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION) after ingestion of sildenafil citrate (Viagra; Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, New York, NY). DESIGN Retrospective observational case series. PARTICIPANTS Five patients with NAION who reported the use of sildenafil citrate before the(More)
Using a modified Humphrey perimeter, we evaluated 16 eyes with primary open-angle glaucoma and visual field loss (defects 0.5-3.0 log units in depth), and 14 normal eyes. Each eye was tested twice in random order with conventional luminance-increment static perimetry and with the perimeter modified to produce a high-luminance yellow adapting background and(More)
We conducted a randomized, double-masked, long-term clinical trial to determine whether topical timolol therapy was effective in delaying or preventing the onset of glaucomatous damage in moderate-risk ocular hypertensive subjects. In 62 patients, one eye was chosen randomly to receive timolol therapy twice daily while the fellow eye received placebo.(More)
In a retrospective study, 92 patients with ocular hypertension, ie, intraocular pressure of 21 mm Hg or higher, and no evidence of glaucomatous visual field defects, were observed for five years. Visual field defects developed in one or both eyes of 33 patients during the five-year follow-up period, while none were detected in the remaining 59. Values for(More)
BACKGROUND Diabetes mellitus is an important cause of mortality and morbidity in western nations with high costs for both patients and health care systems. MATERIAL AND METHODS Based on the latest epidemiological studies and in combination with Spanish demographic data the direct health care costs of known diabetes mellitus were estimated for the(More)
Bilateral diffuse uveal melanocytic proliferation is a rare paraneoplastic syndrome that causes visual loss in patients with systemic carcinoma. We report the case of a patient with this syndrome whose initial presentation and striking anterior segment findings mimicked that of an arteriovenous fistula.