William M. Fleischman

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Hypertension has been suspected of being associated with Alzheimer disease (AD). To study this problem, a case-control study investigating the association between hypertension and cognitive decline was conducted as a secondary analysis of data from more than 700 patients diagnosed with AD who had been randomly assigned to the placebo arm of a clinical(More)
This paper deals with aspects of teaching a course on ethical issues in computer science for third- and fourth-year computer science and computer engineering majors. In addition to engineering concerns - soft and hard - our recent discussions have increasingly centered on public policy issues involving surveillance, access to, use and interpretation of(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Ties between physicians and pharmaceutical/medical device manufactures have received considerable attention. The Open Payments program, part of the Affordable Care Act, requires public reporting of payments to physicians from industry. We sought to describe payments from industry to physicians caring for children by (1) comparing(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE The Open Payments program requires reporting of payments by medical product companies to teaching hospitals and licensed physicians. We seek to describe nonresearch, nonroyalty payments made to emergency physicians in the United States. METHODS We performed a descriptive analysis of the most recent Open Payments data released to the public(More)
OBJECTIVE  To examine the association between payments made by the manufacturers of pharmaceuticals to physicians and prescribing by physicians within hospital referral regions. DESIGN  Cross sectional analysis of 2013 and 2014 Open Payments and Medicare Part D prescribing data for two classes of commonly prescribed, commonly marketed drugs: oral(More)
INTRODUCTION/OBJECTIVES Health Information Exchange (HIE) efforts face challenges with data quality and performance, and this becomes especially problematic when data is leveraged for uses beyond primary clinical use. We describe a secondary data infrastructure focusing on patient-encounter, nonclinical data that was built on top of a functioning HIE(More)
OBJECTIVE NT-proBNP level is used for the detection of acute CHF and as a predictor of survival. However, a number of factors, including renal function, may affect the NT-proBNP levels. This study aims to provide a more precise way of interpreting NT-proBNP levels based on GFR, independent of age. METHODS This study includes 247 pts in whom CHF and known(More)
We hypothesized that using communitywide data from a health information exchange (HIE) could improve the ability to identify frequent emergency department (ED) users-those with four or more ED visits in thirty days-by allowing ED use to be measured across unaffiliated hospitals. When we analyzed HIE-wide data instead of site-specific data, we identified(More)
BACKGROUND beta-thalassemia screening is primarily limited to pregnant women. The ratio of the mean corpuscular volume (MCV) and red blood cell count (RBC) can be automatically calculated with any of the newer hematology analyzers. METHODS The results of 398 patient screens were collected. Data from the set were divided into training and validation(More)
BACKGROUND Variation in emergency physician computed tomography (CT) imaging utilization is well described, but little is known about what drives it. Physician empathy has been proposed as a potential characteristic affecting CT utilization. OBJECTIVES The objective was to describe empathy in a cohort of emergency physicians and evaluate its association(More)