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It is increasingly apparent that the future of the Amazon rainforest is under threat from both climate change and agricultural practices. Here we use a 13-year time series of (A)ATSR derived aerosol optical depth (AOD) measurements to examine the role of aerosols in the interaction between deforestation, biomass burning and drought over the Amazon. The(More)
We present a robust and computationally efficient method for retrieving aerosol optical depth (AOD) from top-of-atmosphere ATSR-2 (Along-Track Scanning Radiometer) and AATSR (Advanced ATSR) reflectance data that is formulated to allow retrieval of the AOD from the 11 year archive of (A)ATSR data on the global scale. The approach uses a physical model of(More)
Atmospheric aerosol properties and land surface re-flectance can be retrieved from dual-angle AATSR measurements. In this paper a map of aerosol optical depth at 550 nm covering the Sahel and Southern Sahara region is presented. The map is a composite of thirty-two 500 km wide AATSR strip-lines acquired throughout March 2003. Verification is performed using(More)
We are producing a global dataset of aerosol properties from the ATSR-2 (Along-track Scanning Radiometer) and AATSR (Advanced Along-track Scanning Radiometer) missions. Together this represents a dataset spanning nearly 12-years from 1995 to the present. Atmospherically-corrected surface reflectance is also generated allowing quantitative analysis of the(More)
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