William Lorber

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Emotionally arousing stimuli are more memorable than neutral ones and arousal induced after learning enhances later retrieval. However, there is as yet little study of how stimulus qualities might interact with induced arousal and how individual differences might influence the modulation of memory. Thus, the present study examined the effect of arousal(More)
Traditional masculine socialization presents challenges in psychotherapy, for example, by decreasing the likelihood of help-seeking and by making emotion-laden content more difficult to address. While this has been established in civilian populations, more intense forms of masculine socialization found in military settings may amplify such issues in male(More)
This study was designed to examine patterns of family functioning among college students who are offspring of addicted parents. 218 undergraduate psychology students were administered a series of measures assessing family functioning, dissociation, parental addiction, and a history of child abuse. As predicted, offspring of addicted parents reported(More)
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