William Lee Croft

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Hospitals and health care organizations collect large amounts of detailed health care data that is in high demand by researchers. Thus, the possessors of such data are in need of methods that allow for this data to be released without compromising the confidentiality of the individuals to whom it pertains. As the geographic aspect of this data is becoming(More)
In the context of Hadoop, recent studies show that the shuffle operation accounts for as much as a third of the completion time of a MapReduce job. Consequently, the shuffle phase constitutes a crucial aspect of the scheduling of such jobs. During a shuffle phase, the job scheduler assigns reduce tasks to a set of reduce nodes. This may require multiple(More)
With large volumes of detailed health care data being collected, there is a high demand for the release of this data for research purposes. Hospitals and organizations are faced with conflicting interests of releasing this data and protecting the confidentiality of the individuals to whom the data pertains. Similarly, there is a conflict in the need to(More)
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