William Lai

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To facilitate identification and characterization of genomic functional elements, we have developed a chromatin architecture alignment algorithm (ArchAlign). ArchAlign identifies shared chromatin structural patterns from high-resolution chromatin structural datasets derived from next-generation sequencing or tiled microarray approaches for user defined(More)
BACKGROUND The ETS transcription factor Elf5 (also known as ESE-2) is highly expressed in the mammary gland and plays an important role in its development and differentiation. Indeed studies in mice have illustrated an essential role for Elf5 in directing alveologenesis during pregnancy. Although the molecular mechanisms that underlie the developmental(More)
— A new design for a dielectric elastomer actuator with geometrically confining reinforcements is presented. The resulting structures enable complex 3-dimentional motion without the need of the membrane prestretch. An in situ imaging system is used to capture the complex deformation pattern to evaluate the surface curvatures. The deformation mode is(More)
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