William Lacey

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In order to determine the relationship between chronic hypercapnia and anthropomorphic data, pulmonary function tests and slopes of ventilatory responses to hypercapnia (HVCR) and hypoxia (HVR), we studied 55 patients with sleep apnea-hypopna syndrome (SAHS). Patients were divided into hypercapnic, PaCO2 > or = 45 mm Hg (Group I, n = 23, PaO2 = 61 +/- 10(More)
An individual's socioeconomic status (SES) is often viewed as a proxy for a host of environmental influences. SES disparities have been linked to variance in brain structures particularly the hippocampus, a neural substrate of learning and memory. However, it is unclear whether the association between SES and hippocampal volume is similar in children and(More)
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