William L Rutherford

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We have used thermoluminescence (TL) and EPR measurements of Photosystem II (PS II) from spinach in order to identify charge pairs responsible for TL bands in the region of 40-50°C including the 'C-band' (peak V) and the TL band from PS II depleted of calcium. In intact PS II membrane preparations, in the presence of DCMU, a TL band at 50°C is induced(More)
Wildlife collisions with aircraft cost the airline industry billions of dollars per annum and represent a public safety risk. Clearly, adapting aerodrome habitats to become less attractive to hazardous wildlife will reduce the incidence of collisions. Formulating effective habitat management strategies relies on accurate species identification of high-risk(More)
Photosystem II, the water oxidizing enzyme, altered the course of evolution by filling the atmosphere with oxygen. Here, we reconstruct the origin and evolution of water oxidation at an unprecedented level of detail by studying the phylogeny of all D1 subunits, the main protein coordinating the water oxidizing cluster (Mn4CaO5) of Photosystem II. We show(More)
Bacterial inoculants can improve the conservation and nutritional quality of silages. Inclusion of the yeast Saccharomyces in the diet of dairy cattle has also been reported to be beneficial. The present study assessed the ability of silage to be used as a means of delivering Saccharomyces strains to ruminants. Two strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae(More)
he need for more and better information about the leadership role of principals in school improvement efforts sparked the research now under way at the Research and Development Center for Teacher Education at the Universitv of Texas. One of the objectives of this research has been to identifs the specific kinds and combinations of behav iors that principals(More)
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