William L. Kilmer

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In a previous paper [Kilmer (1996) Neural Netw 9: 567-573] we developed a differential equation model of how a stable focus of attention could be maintained in a higher mammalian brain. The so-called TRC model consisted of interconnected modules, with each module comprised of a simple representations of parts of the reticular thalamic nucleus, specific(More)
There is a growing consensus among predictors of science that the world is about to witness the evolution of what might be called a new species---the robot. Whereas, animal evolution was a trial-and-error process, robot evolution appears likely to be carefully contrived. Starting where animal evolution left off, that is, with man, robot evolution promises(More)
A model of human muscle action is presented for a maximally fast, large-amplitude forearm movement to target. The inputs to the model are approximately the biceps and triceps EMG envelopes over a single movement. The model's output gives the corresponding displacement angle of the forearm about a fixed elbow position as a function of time. The idea of the(More)