William L. Hogarth

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While anaemia has long been recognized as a consequence of acute infections with malaria, the relative contributions of direct erythrocyte destruction by parasites, destruction of uninfected erythrocytes and changes in erythropoiesis have been unclear. Fitting of parasitaemia and anaemia data from neurosyphilis patients undergoing malaria therapy to a(More)
A model is developed to estimate the duration for which malaria antibody levels in the blood remain high in a closed population. This estimate can be used to calculate the transmission rate within a region, in conjunction with the serological information contained in the population. The model is used on data obtained from a study of malaria in the(More)
A deterministic mathematical model which predicts the probability of developing a new drug-resistant parasite population within the human host is reported. The model incorporates the host's specific antibody response to PfEMP1, and also investigates the influence of chemotherapy on the probability of developing a viable drug-resistant parasite population(More)
[1] In a recent paper by Polyakov and Nearing (2003) it was shown experimentally that the sediment transport capacity in a rill is not unique for a given soil type, slope, and flow rate. Indeed, they found that the transport capacity was dependent on whether sediment transport in the rill was occurring under net erosion or net deposition conditions. They(More)
The long term sustainability of conjunctive water use for controlling irrigation salinity is affected by increase in groundwater salinity over time. This paper uses mass conservation of salt and water to assess groundwater degradation over long time scales. Management options which affect this rate of degradation are also examined. The groundwater model(More)
The accuracy of the time compression analysis (TCA) is analyzed by comparison with a numerical solution. Both the standard TCA and a new modified TCA are considered for a power law diffusivity and constant surface flux. As expected, the error of the approximations decreases with increasing power, and the error of the modified TCA is about half the error of(More)
A simple modeling and laboratory investigation was carried out to investigate the raindrop effects on both sediment detachment and chemical transport from soil–water into runoff. Solute movement between soil–water and runoff is usually modeled as either a mixing model or as a diffusion-like process, both of which ignore the important roles of raindrop(More)
Changes in the hydrologic balance in many irrigation areas, including those in the Murray Basin, Australia, have resulted in high watertables and salinity problems. However, where suitable aquifers exist, groundwater pumping and subsequent irrigation application after mixing with surface waters (referred to as conjunctive water use) can control salinity and(More)
An approximation is obtained for the recession of a sloping aquifer. The analytical approximation can provide a useful tool to analyze data and obtain physical properties of the aquifer. In contrast to the case of a horizontal aquifer, when plotting the time derivative of the flux versus the flux on a log scale, the result shows that the flux derivative(More)
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