William L. Hibbard

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The VIS-5D system provides highly interactive visual access to 5-dimensional data sets containing up to 50 million data points. The user has easy and intuitive control over animated 3-dimensional depictions of multiple interacting physical variables. VIS-5D is runs on the Stardent ST-1000 and ST-2000 workstations and is available as freeware from the Space(More)
We describe techniques that enable Earth and space scientists to interactively visualize and experiment with their computations. Numerical simulations of the Earth's atmosphere and oceans generate large and complex data sets, which we visualize in a highly interactive virtual Earth environment. We use data compression and distributed computing to maximize(More)
We present a technique for defining graphical depictions for all the data types defined in an algorithm, The ability to display arbitrary combinations of an algorithm's data objects in a common frame of reference, coupled with interactive control of algorithm execution, provides a powerful way to understand algorithm behavior. Type definitions are(More)
In order to develop a foundation for visualization, we develop lattice models for data objects and displays that focus on the fact that data objects are approximations to mathematical objects and real displays are approximations to ideal displays. These lattice models give us a way to quantize the information content of data and displays and to define(More)