William Kolodzey

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Gabrielle Pétron, Gregory Frost, Benjamin R. Miller, Adam I. Hirsch, Stephen A. Montzka, Anna Karion, Michael Trainer, Colm Sweeney, Arlyn E. Andrews, Lloyd Miller, Jonathan Kofler, Amnon Bar-Ilan, Ed J. Dlugokencky, Laura Patrick, Charles T. Moore Jr., Thomas B. Ryerson, Carolina Siso, William Kolodzey, Patricia M. Lang, Thomas Conway, Paul Novelli,(More)
This paper is motivated by problems from biology involving estimation of concentration fields in a tissue sample using point measurements given by optical contactless biosensors. Due to biological constraints, the sensors may only be sparsely distributed and intermittently monitored. This paper proposes a nonbiological experimental platform, based on(More)
Electric vehicles (EVs) have great potential to reduce dependency on fossil fuels. The recent surge in the development of online EV (OLEV) will help to address the drawbacks associated with current generation EVs, such as the heavy and expensive batteries. OLEVs are integrated with the smart grid of power infrastructure through a wireless power transfer(More)
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