William K. Marshall

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We propose an experiment for creating quantum superposition states involving of the order of 10(14) atoms via the interaction of a single photon with a tiny mirror. This mirror, mounted on a high-quality mechanical oscillator, is part of a high-finesse optical cavity which forms one arm of a Michelson interferometer. By observing the interference of the(More)
When the series resistance is separated and treated as a separate element, it is shown that losses in an inductor require the ratio of the flux to mmf in the core to be frequency dependent. For small-signal operation, this dependence leads to a circuit model composed of a lossless inductor and a resistor in parallel, both of which are frequency dependent.(More)
We report on the demonstration of a high finesse micro-optomechanical system and identify potential applications ranging from optical cooling to weak force detection to massive quantum superpositions. The system consists of a high quality diameter flat dielectric mirror cut from a larger substrate with a focused ion beam and attached to an atomic force(More)
Measurements of small-signal intensity modulation from direct-modulated distributed feedback (DFB) semiconductor lasers after propagation in dispersive fiber have previously been used to extract intrinsic laser chirp parameters such as linewidth enhancement factor and crossover frequency. Here, we demonstrate that the simple rate equations do not(More)
An exact result for the spectral density of intensity variations that occur after propagation of ergodic light in a medium having lowest-order-only group-velocity dispersion is obtained and applied to the problem of semiconductor laser phase noise to intensity noise conversion in a single-mode optical fiber. It is shown that the intensity spectrum after(More)
A persistent presence in space can either be supported from Earth or generate the required resources for human survival from material already present in space, so called "in situ material." Likely, many of these resources such as water or oxygen can best be liberated from in situ material by conventional physical and chemical processes. However, there is(More)
We describe a method of characterizing high-order polarization mode dispersion (PMD). Using a new expansion to approximate the Jones matrix of a polarization-dispersive medium, we study the length dependence of high-order PMD to the fourth order. A simple rule for the asymptotic behavior of PMD for short and long fibers is found. It is also shown that, in(More)
We describe the demonstration of sapphire-bonded photonic crystal lasers operating under room temperature CW conditions and characterize the modal properties and small-signal modulation response of these lasers. In addition, we describe progress in photonic crystal nanocavity lasers which have InAs QD active material, and investigate the optical properties(More)
Integration of large quantities of wind generation into existing power systems is a topic of concern and much study throughout the world. The New Brunswick System Operator completed a preliminary study of integration issues in the summer of 2005 for large scale wind development in the Maritimes Area of northeast North America. The study simulates wind(More)