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An exact result for the spectral density of intensity variations that occur after propagation of ergodic light in a medium having lowest-order-only group-velocity dispersion is obtained and applied to the problem of semiconductor laser phase noise to intensity noise conversion in a single-mode optical fiber. It is shown that the intensity spectrum after(More)
—The spectral density of the optical intensity which results after modulated, noisy light is propagated in dispersive single-mode fiber is investigated theoretically and experimentally. An exact general result is obtained for the case of lowest-order-only group velocity dispersion and is applied to light from a 1550-nm distributed-feedback semiconductor(More)
— Measurements of small-signal intensity modulation from direct-modulated distributed feedback (DFB) semiconductor lasers after propagation in dispersive fiber have previously been used to extract intrinsic laser chirp parameters such as linewidth enhancement factor and crossover frequency. Here, we demonstrate that the simple rate equations do not(More)
The effect of dispersive, linear propagation ͑e.g., in single-mode optical fiber͒ on the intensity noise from semiconductor lasers is investigated. Relations between the frequency and amplitude noise variations of semiconductor lasers are obtained from the laser rate equations and used to calculate the change in the relative intensity noise ͑RIN͒ spectrum(More)
— We describe the demonstration of sapphire-bonded photonic crystal lasers operating under room temperature CW conditions and characterize the modal properties and small-signal modulation response of these lasers. In addition, we describe progress in photonic crystal nanocavity lasers which have InAs QD active material, and investigate the optical(More)
Frequency selectivity of a novel type of multielement, multisection laterally coupled semiconductor laser array is studied using the round-trip method. It is found that such a structure should lead to a strong frequency selectivity owing to a periodic dependency of the threshold gain on the frequency. A gain-guided two-coupledcavity device was fabricated.(More)
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