William K. Fant

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Many professional organizations have initiatives to increase the awareness and use of informatics in the practice of pharmacy. Within education we must respond to these initiatives and make technology integral to all aspects of the curriculum, inculcating in students the importance of technology in practice. This document proposes 5 central domains for(More)
The diverse needs of students, faculty, administrators, and the curriculum itself, create formidable challenges when attempting to integrate mobile technology into a health professions curriculum. Single technology solutions often fail in this environment because they cannot meet user needs. Multiple platform and device agnostic solutions can provide the(More)
This study was designed to determine the effectiveness of clonidine (CL) and CL analogue, lofexidine (LF), in reducing the incidence and/or severity of convulsion associated with barbiturate withdrawal in mice. CL and LF have been shown to be useful in blocking opioid withdrawal symptoms in rodents and man. Some of the symptoms and possibly the mechanism(s)(More)
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