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Indicator dilution techniques were applied to measure mean transit time of fluorescently labeled red blood cells (RBCs) (TTRBC) and plasma (TTpl) between functionally paired arterioles and venules (A-V) in cremaster muscle (rat) for normal RBCs and cells hardened by in vitro incubation in graded concentrations of glutaraldehyde. Dispersion of a bolus(More)
The charts of 22 patients with an onset of laryngeal papillomatosis after age 18 were reviewed retrospectively. The typical patient had hoarseness. Airway obstruction did not occur in this series. One half of the patients had one recurrence or less of their papilloma. The remainder of the patients encountered multiple recurrences. The histologic criteria of(More)
General rights Copyright for the publications made accessible via the Edinburgh Research Explorer is retained by the author(s) and / or other copyright owners and it is a condition of accessing these publications that users recognise and abide by the legal requirements associated with these rights. Take down policy The University of Edinburgh has made every(More)
BACKGROUND Distracting driving is considered a dangerous epidemic in teenage drivers and adult drivers nationwide. Cell phone use, such as talking and texting is one of the most common driving distractions among adult and teenage drivers. Using the model of a previously published study from New Haven, Connecticut, we sought to investigate the driving(More)
The term "tactical medicine" can be defined in more than one way, but in the nonmilitary setting the term tactical emergency medical services (TEMS) is often used to denote medical support operations for law enforcement. In supporting operations involving groups such as special weapons and tactics (SWAT) teams, TEMS entail executing triage, diagnosis,(More)
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