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Judgments of appearance matching by means of the visual criteria established by the United States Public Health Service (USPHS) and by means of an extended visual rating scale were determined for composite resin veneer restorations and their comparison teeth. Using a colorimeter of 45 degrees/0 degrees geometry and the CIELAB color order system we used the(More)
—Radio-frequency interference (RFI) in the spaceborne multichannel radiometer data of WindSat and the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer–EOS is currently being detected using a spectral difference technique. Such a technique does not explicitly utilize multichannel correlations of radiometer data, which are key information in separating RFI from natural(More)
BACKGROUND A recent meta-analysis on cue-reactivity research revealed that cue-specific craving for alcohol is substantially less robust than craving measured for other drugs of abuse. The small effect sizes for alcohol underscore the need for more powerful methods of assessing cue reactivity in humans. The cue-availability paradigm is a modification of the(More)
Certain variables were tested for their influence on the color of ceramic metal restorations. The variables included firing temperature, condensation technique, modeling liquid, and brand of porcelain. In addition, the color of different nominal shades was compared. The color was measured with a Minolta CR-121 small-area colorimeter. The small (7 mm2)(More)
This study investigated the effect of the emotional content of television news programmes on mood state and the catastrophizing of personal worries. Three groups were shown 14-min TV news bulletins that were edited to display either positive-, neutral- or negative-valenced material. Participants who watched the negatively valenced bulletin showed increases(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Limited studies have indicated that an alternative small color difference formula would be more appropriate for use in dentistry. PURPOSE The purposes of this study were to determine which color difference formula provides a superior degree of fit for judgments of perceptibility and acceptability and to determine if different groups(More)
Tooth color change was monitored after a single, in-office bleaching technique using a colorimeter. Twenty young adults participated in the double-blind study at The Ohio State University College of Dentistry. Half of the participants had their maxillary anterior teeth bleached and half were controls. By one month, the large initial color change was(More)
The objectives of this study were: (i) to determine variability among colour parameters of five different ceramic crown systems; and (ii) to measure the effect of using coloured luting agents on restoration colour. The crown systems studied were Cerestore, Dicor, Hi-Ceram, Renaissance, and Vitadur-N. Five crowns for each system were made according to(More)